SPASE Ltd. has a wealth of experience in surveying buildings of all types, ages and sizes.  We are able to undertake surveys of both residential and commercial buildings throughout Dorset, South Somerset, Wiltshire, Hampshire and London. We have particular experience in surveying traditional buildings of a historic nature, including Listed Buildings.

Please see our services available below, which can be found to complement additional services in architecture, planning and construction.


building survey

A Building Survey (formerly known as a Structural Survey) provides a comprehensive assessment of the various elements of the property and their condition; most importantly, this type of survey provides advice on the issued uncovered and remedial works required. This form of survey can be tailored to specific needs of the purchaser and particular concerns can be addressed in greater detail.

A Building Survey is particularly well suited to historic or listed buildings that may be of unconventional construction, or in need of renovation. Consideration can also be given to the feasibility of alterations, extension or development.

Building Survey, Child Okeford, Dorset / SPASE
Building Survey, Beaminster, Dorset / SPASE
Building Survey, West Hall, Longburton, Dorset / SPASE
level 2 Home survey

The Level 2 Home Survey (or Homebuyer Report) is ideal for conventional residential houses, flats and bungalows, which appear to be in reasonable condition.  This format of survey is most suited to buildings built after 1900.

The report is colour coded to show the condition of various elements to clearly identify problems with the property.  It focuses on matters that need repair and helps the purchaser make an informed decision.  The report does not offer advice for repair like the Level 3 Building Survey, however it does identify areas that may require further investigation or advice before exchange of contracts.

Homebuyer Survey, Olympic Park, Portland, Dorset / SPASE
Homebuyer Survey, Poundbury / SPASE


schedule of dilapidation
Snashall Steel Fabrications, Dorset / SPASE
schedule of condition

Prior to entering a lease or purchasing a commercial building, it is essential to undertake a report in the way of a Building Survey or Schedule of Condition.


Defects in commercial property can have serious consequences to the viability of the property or to the obligations imposed by a lease in respect of repairs or alterations.

It may be possible to limit the liabilities imposed by a new lease if serious defects are found and reported.  We can advise in respect to defect liability and assist with the negotiation of liability within a new lease.

Dilapidations refers to breaches of lease covenants that relate to the condition of a property during the term of the tenancy or when the lease ends.

Before entering a lease the you should familiarise yourself with the terms of the lease and condition of the building. During the lease term you should consider potential future dilapidations liability. Near the end of your lease you should be aware of the dilapidations work you have committed to complete.

We can advise you of the implications in such instances and we can be instructed to act on behalf of either the landlord or tenant.

County Shoes, Dorchester / SPASE
FGP Systems, Weymouth / SPASE
Woodmace, Poole / SPASE


construction contracts

Chartered Building Surveyors provide site administration of building construction contracts to ensure that the works are undertaken to the correct specification, quality, on time and without over payment.

We are able to inspect construction works in progress to ensure that any defects are rectified before completion.

We are also able to inspect and certify construction works to confirm that works and progress are satisfactory.  This can be a condition of the lending bank or building society with certification issued by a Chartered Surveyor or Architect to release stage payments.

Timber Building, Ansty, Dorset / SPASE
New houses, Sydling St Nicholas, Dorset / SPASE