Go to Old Came Rectory

Old Came Rectory

Old Came Rectory2
Go to Sherborne House

Sherborne House

Sherborne House1
Go to Athelhampton Zero

Athelhampton Zero

Athelhampton Zero1
Go to High Street, Bruton

High Street, Bruton

74 HSB 2
Go to The Hills

The Hills

01 The hills v2
Go to Western House

Western House

Go to Barnston Manor

Barnston Manor

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Go to Threshing


Go to Athelhampton House

Athelhampton House

Athelhampton House1
Go to Knapp Cottage

Knapp Cottage

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Go to Bookham Farm

Bookham Farm

Go to Hill Farm

Hill Farm

01 Hill Farm v2
Go to Dorset Manor

Dorset Manor

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Go to Merricks Grain

Merricks Grain

Merricks Grain1
Go to The Yews

The Yews

Thew Yews1
Go to Melcombe Park Farm

Melcombe Park Farm

Melcombe Park Farm1
Go to The Farmhouse

The Farmhouse

Go to The Old School

The Old School

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Go to Foxfield


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Go to Langston Farm

Langston Farm

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Go to Broadridge


Go to Chapel Street

Chapel Street

01 Chapel Street
Go to Duntish Mill Farm

Duntish Mill Farm

Duntish Mill12
Go to Rodford Barn

Rodford Barn

Rodford Barn2
Go to Winters Lane

Winters Lane

01 Winter Lane
Go to Dorset House

Dorset House

Osmington House 1
Go to Dutch Barn

Dutch Barn

Dutch Barn1
Go to Lower Hartgrove

Lower Hartgrove

Hartgrove Farm1
Go to Trinity Street

Trinity Street

Trinity Street4
Go to Lilliput Ce Infant School

Lilliput Ce Infant School

Liliput School1
Go to Stottingway Street

Stottingway Street

Stottingway Street1
Go to Dorchester Road

Dorchester Road

Dorchester Road1
Go to Wadham House

Wadham House

Wadham House1
Go to The Haybarn

The Haybarn

The Haybarn1